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Dried beef

Dried beef

Description of dried beef:

Thinly sliced, delicately matured meat from the Angus breed is dried in a smokehouse for two days and then is dried for several days, freely hanging in a drying room. As a result it maintains its suppleness and its slightly spicy beef flavor.


Let us tell you why this dried meat is so delicious and full of flavor. Above all it is the result of a lot of honest work by the farmers from Mitrov. Livestock farming and meat processing is a piece of cake for them and everything is done exclusively on the farm. The cattle of the Aberdeen Angus breed have lived here since birth on the adjacent, ecologically uncultivated pastures and are only fed a “home-made” diet, chemical-free, on their own fields. Slaughtering, maturing, cold-smoke drying and packing of meat are all done at the farm’s own production facilities. What is the most important, however, is that in Mitrov, everything is done with love and you can tell this when eating the meat.


Dried meat is excellent on its own, where the delicious taste of beef is best, but it is also enlivens salads, pasta and tapas. We recommend serving the meat with full-bodied red wines.

Ingredients of the product:

Beef back, salt, garlic.


  • Net weight 80 g
  • Shelf life 3 months
  • Storage up to 12°C
  • Supplier Mitrovský dvůr

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