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Spring Hustopeče Almonds

Spring Hustopeče Almonds

Description of the delicacy:

Did you know that the largest preserved almond orchard in Central Europe, with more than 900 trees, is a short distance from Brno, in the town of Hustopeče. Also, did you know that every spring the orchard blooms in a flood of white-pink flowers and you can experience this spectacle if you go along the almond path to this natural wonder. Did you also know that we pick green almonds from these almonds trees at the beginning of May and from them we produce our original delicacy, spring Hustopeče almonds? We put the young almonds in a slightly sweet syrup so that their fine fruity flavor, resembling that of green peaches, comes through.

What these almonds complement best?

We recommend combining this delicacy with fine cream cheeses, such as mascarpone or Lučina (Czech cream cheese). You can also try combining it with wines, especially finer aromatic varieties such as Traminer or Muscat.


green almonds, vinegar, water, sugar, salt.


  • Net weight 92 g
  • Weight after draining 60 g
  • Shelf life 2 years
  • Storage up to 25°C
  • Manufacturer Chuť Moravy s.r.o.

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