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Heaven in your mouth - pralines

Heaven in your mouth - pralines

Description of pralines:

A limited collection of four kinds of excellent  pralines, which perfectly combine the flavors of selected Moravian delicacies and bitter chocolate.

Marzipan made from Hustopeče almonds in bitter chocolate - genuine marzipan from the famous Hustopeče almond trees with crunchy pieces of roasted almonds. 
Paste from Midsummer walnuts in bitter chocolate - a delicacy made of green walnuts in a delicious spicy syrup processed into a delicate paste. 
Salty caramel with walnuts in bitter chocolate - a fine, slightly salty caramel with roasted walnut pieces.
Apricot kernel paste in a bitter chocolate (in the style of marzipan) - traditional Moravian apricots, untraditionally processed as an apricot kernel “marzipan”.

The pralines are handmade by master confectioner Martin Beranek (Il Mercato restaurant, Wild Ladle)


The pralines excel separately, but interesting flavors can also be achieved in combination with full-bodied red wines.

Praline ingredients:

Chocolate Belcolade Selection 55% (cocoa butter, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, sugar, vanilla), almond marzipan (Hustopeče almonds, sugar), apricot kernel paste (apricot kernels, sugar), Midsummer walnuts, spice mix, glucose syrup), salty caramel: butter, cream, sugar, salt, walnuts. Min. cocoa solids content: 46%.


  • Net weight 40 g
  • Shelf life 3 months
  • Storage up to 20°C
  • Supplier Chuť Moravy s.r.o.

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