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Description of crunch:

Do you know what the clever housewife does when she has egg whites left over after baking? Whisks it with sugar, adds finely diced pieces of white bread, a handful of walnuts and put it into the oven. And in a few minutes a crumble emerges - crispy biscuits that you will appreciate with your morning coffee, or with your children when they get a sweet tooth.

What crumble goes with:

With coffee, tea, on your Christmas table, for your visitors, simply, for all occasions   when you need something sweet and crunchy.

Crunch composition:

egg whites, walnuts, white bread (wheat flour, drinking water, rapeseed oil, yeast, edible salt) sugar


  • Net weight 50 g
  • Shelf life 3 months
  • Storage up to 25°C
  • Supplier Chuť Moravy s.r.o.

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